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Fred Meyer

New Release

Anyway, It Was Just Weird
Personal Accounts of the Paranormal

Anyway, it was just Weird documents several of the author’s paranormal experiences over the past 60-plus years of his life.  Many of the stories presented here were experienced by more than one person, providing a  high degree of validity to the narratives.  

When discussing paranormal events for inclusion into the book, it was a surprise to note how often a story ended with the storyteller concluding, “Anyway, it was just weird!”


 Someday I hope we will end the story in a different manner, “Let me explain to you who caused this and why it happened.”


This website was started in the hopes that readers will be able to identify with some of the stories presented in the book.  Please provide your review and, most important, tell me about any similar experiences you may have had. 


Perhaps between all of us, we can begin to figure out the how, what, and why of these strange, paranormal events.



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From Just Weird

"My memory might occasionally be a bit faulty.  It is possible I might have been fooled at times or sometimes mistaken in what I thought I saw.  But I promise you this, what I recorded within these pages is the truth as I saw it, as I heard it, and as I experienced it."


From Just Weird

"I know I am not alone in wondering about the strangeness of the paranormal.  I do not know why such events happen.  The one thing I do know is this:


From Just Weird

"My parents came running into the bedroom, perhaps believing genuine monsters might have attacked me.  Mom and Dad both just smiled reassuring smiles, and said, “It was just your imagination.  There’s nothing outside to be afraid of.”

I retained my doubts about that and remained scared of the dark for at least the next five years."

About Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer graduated from Mesa College in Grand Junction, Colorado  in 1971. He started out working as a railroad clerk for seventeen years then changes careers after studying evolving environmental issues, meanwhile gaining accreditation as a Registered Environmental Manager, through the auspices of The National Registry of Environmental Professionals.  

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